​Advanced Elective Courses

  • Weather
  • Engine Maintenance
  • Marine Electronics
  • Sail
  • Cruise Planning
  • Instructor Development

Boating Courses
​We are an educational organization dedicated to making boaters out of boat owners through educational courses combined with on the water experience serving the central Florida area. We offer a natural progression of courses, from beginner to advanced, for any boater.   These are comprehensive, in-depth courses that typically run between 6 and 8 weeks. 

Core Courses

​      Basic

  • America's Boating Course​

​      Intermediate

  • Seamanship
  • Piloting

​        Advanced

  • Advanced Piloting
  • Junior Navigation (Celestial – Sun & Moon)
  • Navigation​ (Celestial – Stars)

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Up Coming Classes

Advanced Boating Courses

1/9/17 - Advanced Piloting

7/17/17​ - Seamanship


  9/30/17  Partners In Command

​​America's Boating Course

5/22/17  Lake Mary Gander Mountain

  9/26/17  Marine Max Orlando

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